Let's Try This Again
I had a post up here earlier that I removed because it didn't quite say what I meant it to say. I'm still not 100 percent sure what I meant to say had an ounce of truth to it anyways; but I've never let that stand in my way before.

I started to talk about what my moniker, Übermilf, means to me. Pipewrench had to jump in and infer that I thought all men were hot for me. That is not at all what I meant to say. But women tend to be categorized into sexy and non-sexy categories, no matter how mundane the circumstance. I think I should be able to shop for graham crackers in the grocery store without male employees putting me into a "do-able" or "not do-able" category. Because when faced with that sort of scrutiny, I think women react subconsciously. It's like being bombarded with advertising; it's just incessant, and it wears you down.

I'd like to draw a parallel here between food and sex for a minute. Food used to be enjoyed with friends, family and/or loved ones. It was simultaneously an occasion to fill a physical need and the need to connect with our fellow human beings. It was to be enjoyed in a relaxed manner.

Now, food is something to be fit into a schedule of more "important" things. While the substances themselves are constantly and incessantly available, the time to consume them leisurely and with people we care about is shrinking, for some people down to nothing. I believe we keep stuffing our faces in some primordial desire to fill our souls with companionship and love, since our bodies have connected the two together for so long. Instead, we are fat and depressed and lonely.

I think it's the same with sex. It's everywhere, screaming from magazine covers and billboards, televisions and computer screens. There are sex clubs, strip joints and one-hour motels just about everywhere. But is that satisfying sex? Is it really leaving us happy and fulfilled, or do we keep trying to up the ante in a vain attempt to fill the void left by a lack of intimacy and love?

I love my husband and my family and my friends and even most strangers I meet. It opens me up to the possibility that someone may hurt me at some point, because I developed a strong attachment. People want to avoid pain at all costs, and put happiness above emotional maturity on the list of things they want in life. It's much easier to group people into catagories like "MILF" than to deal with them as individuals and risk engaging them in a real relationship. It is much easier to put up your own facade with which to make "sexual conquests" instead of opening your real self up to rejection.

Well, I've been hurt and I got over it. The momentary misery is insignificant when compared to the prospect of a joyless, loveless life.

And no amount of pornography or Cheet-ohs can fix that, no matter how hard people try.
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