UberNews Update: Younger Found Tied to Chair; "It Was an Accident!" Claims Elder
Capitalizing on the momentary absence of peace negotiater UberMilf, UberElder broke today's ceasefire by tying her little sister to a dining room chair.

The shattering wails of UberYounger and the unmistakable sound of a chair being dragged across the floor could be heard downstairs, where UberMilf was vainly attempting to access Target Online to find a basket to match the existing one located in the Kitchen Sector.

"It was an accident!" UberElder announced from her bedroom, where she had taken refuge following the assault. "We were just playing!"

UberMilf was able to free the captive. Normal activities will resume after a brief hiatus to consume GirlieChow.

We'll continue to update you if the hostilities continue.
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