Shhh... It's a secret!!

Tomorrow at 8:30 a.m., the Übergirls will think they are headed for school as usual, but then... a limo will be in the driveway instead, ready to whisk them away to the airport for a trip to Orlando, Florida!

Their teachers are even in on it. Mrs. Ito put Elder's "Monday" homework in her folder per usual, but gave a packet marked "Mrs. and Mrs. Über" in her backpack container her work for the rest of the week. Sneaky!

As a result, I will not be able to fully blog every day next week. Instead, I will post a question each day for you guys to answer. You can make something up or answer it truthfully; I don't care.

Today's question: I have read that anywhere from 85 to 99 percent of animal species that have lived on this planet at one time or another are now extinct. What percentage of those species died out on their own, and how many were destroyed by humankind? Also, what percentage of plants have gone extinct, that we know?

I want to know, but am too lazy to fully investigate. Thanks a bunch for your help.
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