I hate Pedophiles.
I know that's hardly a unique sentiment. But I hate them not only for the havoc they wreak on the lives of their innocent victims, but also because they restrict the freedom of every parent and child. I can't post an adorable picture of my 2-year-old in her ballet regalia on my blog. Pedophiles. I can't keep my eyes off my kids at the park. Pedophiles. I will worry about my daughter and her friends riding bikes together, even when her age is in the double digits. Pedophiles. Coaches, teachers, troop leaders, even clergy -- I am now wary of them all. Pedophiles, pedophiles, pedophiles!

And it's not just the pedophiles themselves; it's the dirtbags who will do anything for a buck that must be guarded against as well. Speaking of that, where do pedophiles get all their damn money? They hop planes to other cities at a moment's notice to have sex with a kid. When's the last time you knew of a normal person who did that? Who could do that? Then, when the cops search their creepy lairs, they find tons of equipment and find out that these perverted lowlifes spend 8 hours a day wanking to child pornography. How can they hold down a job with a schedule like that? I know plenty of lovely, wonderful people who have trouble making ends meet. Yet these demented sons of ... where is the justice?

I hate pedophiles.
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