I Have a New Title. And a Prize. A Coronation, of Sorts.
Tonight, my family and I went to a local German establishment for Oktoberfest. Not only were my immediate Ubers in attendance, but my parents, my sisters and their families were there as well.

An oompah band performed. My parents danced, for the first time since my dad's cancer surgery. Dilf danced with both me and the UberGirlies. It was great fun.

Oh, and I won a yodeling contest.

In fact, I was named "Queen of the Yodelers." My sister tried to tell the bandleader her name was Brumhilde to boost her chances of winning, but in the end talent won out.

I won 6 beer glasses, and a free beer. Dilf was so proud.

I'll show you a picture of my prize tomorrow. Right now I'm flushed with success.
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