Cultural Highlights of Downers Grove
Some might claim the suburbs are a cultural wasteland, a barren landscape dotted with Chili's restaurants and Blockbuster Video stores.

Clearly, these people have never visited the high point of western civilization – Downers Grove, Illinois.

Not only did Dilf and I partake of fine theater Friday night (at Lincoln Center, no less!), but our burb houses a sculptor of unrecognized genius. Feast your eyes on what I choose to call "The Lady."

As you can see, The Lady is two stories high and perches proudly in the artist's front yard on Fairview Avenue. When we passed it on Sunday, we noticed the sign offering The Lady for sale

Undoubtedly, the genius feels selfish keeping such beauty to himself; after all, that's why he put her in his front yard on a busy thoroughfare in the first place. But she's too special, too splendid, to keep locked in Downers Grove. Like Denise Richards, we must share her with the world.

I just hope her loyal canine companion isn't too lonely without her.

Of course, someone as passionate about art as this man is would likely accept a two-fer offer. But that's just a guess.
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