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As ÜberYounger creeps closer and closer to school age, I more and more seriously consider rejoining the paid workforce.

Admittedly, I'm a bit frightened. It's been years since I worked in the marketing/advertising/public relations world, and since I don't want to go back there anyways, there's no point in brushing up on those skills. I like writing. I'd make a good administrative assistant, but only for someone I like (otherwise I'd directly sabotage the person's career.) I don't want to stand on my feet all day, so prostitution is out. Where do I turn?

Obviously not to this book. Comeback Moms talks about women hesitating over leaving six figure jobs, worried about choosing a nanny, and married to evil men who will attempt to coerce them into either staying home or going back to work, whichever suits their fancy.

None of this applies to me. I never "reached a high point in my career"; I just want to pick up a little extra income. I'm hoping to avoid expensive or extensive child care; more like a good pre-school for Younger (not that that's cheap, but it's still not a live-in nanny.) And Dilf is not a self-centered asshole whose first thought is "What about me?"

These people live in a world where people have advanced degrees, own their own companies and vacation homes, and have servants. I don't live in that world. I don't live in it on purpose.

Dilf and I don't seek material trophies, although we do like comfort and having fun. If we use boating as a metaphor, we are neither the speedboat agressively passing the other boats, nor the lazy drifter allowing the current to just take it wherever it may. We are the party barge pontoon boat with the keg and the comfy lawn chairs aboard, put-putting along at our own pace and having a good time.

So, this book wasn't for me. Unfortunately, it was the only book on the topic I could find in Barnes and Noble. I'm always open to advice if anyone has any. Meanwhile, I'll try to forge a new path. If I find it, maybe I'll write a book about how I did it.
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