I've got an idea. Let's throw out every preconceived notion about what "works" in government and what doesn't. Forget political and economic theory. Let's get wild.

Instead of a BILL Clinton and Al GORE ticket, let's elect GEORGE Clinton and Al GREEN to run things for a while. How much worse can they be than what we've got already?

Think of the unifying message of George Clinton, laid out so simply and elegantly in One Nation Under a Groove. Their slogan could be "Getting Down, Just for the Funk of It." I think it's time, people. We've been wound too tight for too long. We need to let loose. George Clinton is just the man to show us how.

Now, for the other half of the ticket, we have Reverend Al Green. That's right, REVERAND Al Green. He'll appeal to the religious people in our country. And while his lyrics from his mega-hit Let's Stay Together were meant in a romantic sense, couldn't they also be used to heal our broken and contentious nation? "Whether times are good or bad, happy or sad... we oughtta stay together..." Amen, Al, amen.

I'm going to get started hammering out the rest of the campaign. I'm telling you, this is exactly what our country needs right now.
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