No Coupons This Week. What's Übie to Do?
I could talk about something important, but that would upset me, so I won't. At least right now.

Instead, I came up with a question for the ages this morning at breakfast: why are smart people called "eggheads?"

Google wasn't particularly helpful, offering me only this article about intellectuals vs. anti-intellectuals in general, but it does tell me that, "Egghead was defined in a 1908 letter from the midwestern poet Carl Sandburg as 'slang here for editorial writers.'" Also "high brow" and "low brow" are related concepts, all three terms (egghead included) seemingly based on the dubious assumption that hairy people are stupid and bald people are intelligent.

However, I did find this video on YouTube, which made me feel better about the whole thing:

It didn't explain anything, but it made me feel better nonetheless.
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