Why Does Everyone Think the Antichrist is a Dude? Because I Think It Was Ayn Rand

I know all the cool kids are atheists these days, and I wish I could be, too. I'd have more free time and I wouldn't have to cringe as often. However, that's not who I am, and I'm at peace with it.

I'm trying to figure something out, though. If someone calls him or herself a Christian, I'm assuming that means a follower of Jesus Christ, right? From what we have of what he said and did on file, I mean. It takes a lot of study and research and understanding or Jewish life at the time to understand what the guy was trying to say, and the stuff we have has been translated and edited through the years, so different interpretations and misunderstandings have arisen through the years, but... some things are pretty clearcut. Like, not getting all focused on material possessions, and not hating anyone, even your enemies. Stuff like that.

So someone explain to me how anyone professing to be a Christian can espouse the philosophy of Ayn Rand? Oh, and they do, even when they aren't using her name. I don't want to point any fingers, but the political philosophy matching Rand's rhymes with bright bring.

The Bright Bring may call Obama a Socialist. I am calling them Satanists. Anton LaVey, the founder of modern Satanism, said his religion was 'just Ayn Rand’s philosophy, with ceremony and ritual added.'"

Just read this. Go ahead, I can wait. Did you catch the part where they distribute Atlas Shrugged like Gideons distribute the Bible?

Also, "In “Atlas Shrugged” Ayn Rand’s hero purposely collapses the economy to show the evils of government regulation." (from the article I wanted you to read. You did read it, didn't you?) Right wing hero! In 1966, Frances Fox Piven wrote about bringing about social change by overwhelming the welfare system, and now she's getting death threats from Glenn Beck listeners. Left wing villain! Do they even try to be consistent?

When someone hands me anti-tax, anti-poor literature from now on, I'm going to cheerfully say, "You know this makes you a Satanist, right?"
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