Crapping on the Normies
Okay, I know I promised via the nabalapambo thingie to blog every day this month, and yes, I do see the irony of breaking that promise during a month dedicated to CHARACTER, and yes, it is the shortest month and all, but... just shut up, okay? I'm very very busy. You're lucky I talk to you AT ALL. Especially you, Randal.

But I became inspired to write because there is a vocal, simpering, whiny, unable-to-take-criticism minority in this country that every media outlet kowtows too and who is over-represented in every sitcom and commercial on TV.

I am talking about normal people.

Now, not all normal people are normal people. A lot of people are just PRETENDING to be normal people. I hate that, too.

Which is why, even though I don't have a child with autism, I completely relate to this lady. She overheard some nauseating blowhards being annoying at the library, and when she wrote about it, a lot of "them" complained. (I picture them looking like a bunch of Thurston Howells, sitting in their living rooms with laptops on their laps, spitting out their pineapple drinks to snivel, "Lovey! Did you SEE what that horrible woman said about us??"

Well, we're sick of you. We're sick of your lack of empathy, we're sick of you walking around like your shit doesn't stink, we're sick of your smug sense of self satisfaction (sorry for the plagiarism, Todd.) We're sick of you not caring we don't have health insurance or that we lost our job or our house. We're sick of you not understanding how hard it is for a lot of us in one way or another, and for thinking that it's all our fault/problem, and that you think we should just shut up, because frankly we're ruining your good time with our complaints.

I will end with this video from someone who DOES get it, and who is NOT on my shit list, Louis CK:
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