Darn Accordions Darn Entertaining

Despite my earlier disillusionment, my family and I attended Heritage Fest and had a lovely time. Those Darn Accordions played a mix of polka songs, classic rock covers, and original compositions. Remarkably, Uberdilf did not attract any weird people, which is odd considering the crowd drawn by Those Darn Accordions. Of course, we weren't by the beer tent stage, which could be where the more unique fest-goers congregated. The Ubergirls, by contrast, did attract an odd middle-aged woman in a sequined tube top, mini skirt and orthopedic shoes who was dancing with them. I wish I could've snapped a picture, but I couldn't do it without being obvious. Here are the ubergirls dancing:

mgfestpic maurafestpic

Ubergirl Elder amazed me by taking a picture of me, using the digital camera:


I also must share the Ubergirls enjoying the merry-go-round (or carousel, whatever they call it where you live):

mggoround mauragoround
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