Dr. Sardonic: ABDUCTED!!!
It's not unusual for Dr. Sardonic to become so deeply involved in his experiments that we don't hear from him for extended periods of time. Thus, his recent failure to communicate led us to assume he had merely disappeared into the bowels of his laboratory, immersed in scientific exploration.

Our lack of vigilance has proved costly. Dr. Sardonic has been abducted for unknown purposes by the two supervillainesses pictured here.

These ladies are not unknown to the good doctor; while on a trip to San Francisco he imbibed one too many Irish coffees and promised them the coveted positions of laboratory aides. His glasses must've been fogged as well; Dr. Sardonic's lab aides are purely ornamental (he would never let anyone touch his tubes and wires.) These women were simply, ahem, not his type.

So, when these ladies showed up in New York and Dr. Sardonic saw them in the cold light of sobriety, he reneged on his promise and curtly sent them away. They vowed revenge.

Now, it seems, they have taken it. Oh, Dr. Sardonic, what have these fiends done with you? Who knows what they have planned! If anyone sees these evildoers, please let us know! Dr. Sardonic is quite ticklish.

Evil is afoot.
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