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From Sojourners, a progressive Christian site:

"Just weeks after Hurricane Katrina exposed the crisis of poverty in America, Congress will debate as early as Wednesday how much money should be cut from the budgets of health care, nutrition assistance, and other vital services for poor and working families. That's right, they will cut funds - and the question is by how much. Perhaps equally astonishing, they will decide how much - up to $70 billion - they will cut taxes for the richest people in America. In Washington, this may be business as usual, but as people of faith, we believe that budgets are moral documents, and so far this budget is morally bankrupt.

Many in Congress claim that Hurricane Katrina has driven congressional spending and budgets out of control, and that sweeping cuts to vital social services are justified because of these increases. This claim couldn't be further from the truth.

Fiction : Government spending is dangerously high.

Fact: Even with new Katrina funds, federal spending as a percentage of the economy is below the 30-year average. Arguments like these are driven by an ideological determination to shrink government, not reality.

Fiction : Deficits are spinning out of control because of reckless spending and new Katrina relief.

Fact : The root of the problem of skyrocketing deficits is new tax cuts for the very wealthy, not new spending. For the past three years, tax revenues as a percentage of the economy are at a 30-year low. Nevertheless, many in Congress will stop at nothing to enact new tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans. Between now and 2010, the cost of the Bush tax cuts (if extended) will total $1.7 trillion. Katrina relief - even when you amount interest costs, is projected at $240 billion - less than 15% of what the tax cuts will cost. And yet there is momentum behind a plan this year to add an additional $70 billion in new tax cuts - mostly for the very wealthy. Simply put, this plan is out of touch with our values."

We know from United States governmental statistics that gross domestic product and corporate profits continue to rise.

We know from the United States Census Bureau that rich people are getting disporportionately richer, leading to a sizable income disparity.

Meanwhile, non-discretionary costs for the poor, working and middle classes are skyrocketing -- health care, utilities, food, not to mention gasoline -- without a corresponding rise in salaries. Oh, and public transportation budgets are getting cut as well, resulting in higher fares and service cuts, often to the poorest neighborhoods. So, good luck getting to work.

Does this sound like the recipe for success?
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