A Meme from Antonio
My precious boy toy Anthony wants me to put this meme on my blog, and what Anthony wants, Anthony gets.

What is the best part about not being French? (If you are French, what is the best part about not being German?)


If Lou Reed called you an "uglybutt" how would you respond?

I thought you were dead? Aren't you dead?

Which Canadian Conservative is funnier looking, the squirrel-headed Stephen Harper, or the muppet-faced Peter McKay?

I don't know these people.

Have you ever been called a communist or a nazi?

Only when wearing the uniform(s).

Have you ever watched The Antiques Roadshow?

On purpose? No. Because I was too lazy to change the channel? Yes.

Create an original three step plan to solve the impending oil crisis.

1) Round up oil company executives. Put them in "habitats" in zoos around the country.

2) Take all of their money and give it to scientists to develop renewable energy sources.

3) Love.
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