Don't Wear Wednesday: Don't Match Mom. Girls are Girls and Women are Women.
It's one thing to coordinate colors for a photo, or formality when appearing out in public or attending an event. But to wear an EXACT REPLICA of your daughter's clothing is disturbing. Either you will look sexless and dowdy, or your daughter will look like Jon Benet Ramsey.

No one wants to see that, does one?

I found the most heinous examples of this fashion concept on a site called Lydia of Purple, a purveyor of "modest Christian apparel." It includes a page for "Christian Lingerie." We'll get to that later.

I find it difficult to believe that anyone could wear these clothes and consider themselves to be heeding their God's command to "Be fruitful and multiply." If a man could see his wife and daughter arrayed in such a way and still get it up in the bedroom, he must be one sick bastard. Observe:


Also, for a group of people obsessed with the evils of homosexuality and transgendered individuals, they seem awfully cavalier in their attitude toward dressing their sons like their daughters:

Finally, we have the "Christian Lingerie." Now, I've read the Bible. I go to church. I've never once heard Jesus or any of the Old Testament prophets encourage women to wear the drabbest, ugliest, least appealing robe ever created. This picture is not meant for our more sensitive viewers, so if you're easily upset, please avert your eyes before you see this:

I'm sorry about that, folks. But people must be warned. For the record, I don't think Jesus likes these clothes.
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