News Wars: The Battle for Downers Grove
My town has two weekly papers: the Downers Grove Sun and the Downers Grove Reporter. One of them had best improve its level of reporting.

Both papers feature a police blotter section which compiles a list of last week's miscreants and their misdeeds. That's where the comparison ends. Take last week's edition, for example.

This is what the Sun had to say about Mr. Paul A. Reardon's activities on Sunday, July 30:

"Public Indecency: Paul A. Reardon, 51, 3844 Glendenning Road; 4:36 a.m.; charged with public indecency."

Compare that to the Reporter's version:

"A Downers Grove man was arrested around 4:30 a.m. July 30 for allegedly fondling himself about a half-block from his home, police said. Paul Reardon, 51, 3844 Glendenning Road, was arrested for public indecency, according to Police.

"Police said they received a phone call that a man was running naked in the 3800 block of Glendenning Road. An officer said he spotted Reardon masturbating at the intersection of Glendenning Road and 38th Street before the man ran off, according to police. Reardon was later found naked, but covered in baby powder, lying underneath a neighbor's shrub, police added."

Now, unless you are Paul Reardon, which version do YOU prefer? Details, people, it's all in the details.

The Sun also dropped the ball last week, reporting a mere "noise ordinance violation" where the Reporter gave us a hilarious play-by-play of a party thrown by a couple of teenagers whose parents had left them alone while vacationing. Neighbors called the cops, and when the cops showed up at the front door, a mass teen evacuation took place at the back door. Unfortunately, they were too drunk to jump over the hedges and dozens of them got stuck in the branches.

Sometimes it's the story, sometimes it's how you tell it.
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