Worst Meatloaf Ever. No, Really.

Recent news events have depressed me greatly, so I cheered myself up the best way I know how: searching for the vilest, most foul recipe I could find. And I found one, my friends. Oh, yes, I found one.

Feast your eyes on... Liver Sausage Bologna Loaf.


* 2/3 lb Bologna
* 2 tb Chili sauce
* 4 tb Mayonnaise
* 1 tb Lemon juice
* 2/3 lb Liver sausage
* 3 tb Dill pickle; minced
* 4 tb Celery; chopped
* 2 ts Onion juice
* 1 tb Worcestershire sauce
* 1 Loaf unsliced bread
* 3 tb Butter
* 3 sl Bologna
* 3 sl Liver sausage
* Tomato wedges
* Stuffed olives
* 2 tbsp mayonnaise


Put bologna through food chopper; add chili sauce and lemon juice; mix to a smooth paste. Mash live sausage; add pickle celery onion juice Worcestershire sauce and remaining mayonnaise; mix to a smooth paste. Cut crust from bread slice in 3 lengthwise slices. Place one slice on baking sheet and spread with bologna paste; top with second slice of bread; spread with liver sausage paste. Top with remaining slice of bread. Spread entire loaf with butter. Arrange alternate slices of sausage/bologna on top. Bake in moderate oven (350~) 30 mins. Garnish with tomatoes and stuffed olives.

Doesn't that sound like a real crowd-pleaser?
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