My Plans for the Weekend

The ÜberGirlies and I are on our own this weekend. Dilf's work has stolen him away to his company-wide meeting near lovely San José, California, so it's just me and them. Here's a list of things I won't be doing or attending this weekend, including:

  • The Joan Collins book signing at the Border's downtown
  • Arm-wrestling the Chicago Rollers roller derby ladies at the Five Star Bar and Grill
  • The African Heritage Festival
  • Asian Extreme screening series featuring cult, horror and exploitation films from Japan, Hong Kong, Korea and other Asian nations
  • Harem in Chicago, with DJ Red Lox spinning Arabic, Mediterranean, Persian, reggae and hip-hop. Includes $5 Jager bombs, $5 apple martinis and hookahs for rent
  • Pro Wrestling: Samoa Joe teams up with Homicide to battle Takeshi Morishima and Nigel McGuinness. Other bouts include Matt Sydal and Christpher Daniels against Jay and Mark Briscoe and "Classic" Colt Cabana versus Jimmy Jacobs
  • Sunday Sunset Steppin' Class
  • Eighty Chinese actors, dancers and martial artists performing in the touring epic action musical about Qin Shi Huang, the self-proclaimed first emperor of China
  • Any of trillions of Oscar-related events

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