My Date With Double Post
Hey, Todd here. Ubie's back, but she agreed to let me do one more post.

People assume I know Ubie from the internets, but that isn't so. I met her several years ago when I lived in the Chicago area. In fact, I took her sister Double Post to the prom. That's us in the above picture. Weren't we a handsome couple? I've grown since then and put on a few pounds, plus my hair was straightened when I saw the Tonya Harding sex tape.

The night began when I picked Double Post up in my AMC Gremlin. We drove to the location of the prom, the historic Crimespree Hotel and Meth Clinic in downtown Chicago. The prom queen was bitten by a rat and subsequently died of the plague.

I don't remember much about that night, because I drank a half-gallon of boysenberry ripple and smoked a blunt the size of Tommy Lee's cock, but I'll never forget the soulful tunes of the band.

Unfortunately, as a harbinger of things to come, I didn't get any sweet sweet lovin' that night. Double Post left with the guy circled in this picture.

I was crushed, naturally, and fled back to Louisville a bitter, defeated man. Years later, after moving to Las Vegas, I started the Viva Las Vegass blog and was reunited with Ubie via the web. It's not her fault her sister broke my heart.
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