Point/CounterPoint: Miss Muffin v. Moxie

A transcript of the first meeting between Miss Muffin and Moxie

Miss Muffin: What the fuck is that THING and what is it doing in my house?

Moxie: KITTY!

Miss Muffin: Great. Smells bad AND stupid. What a winning combination.

Moxie: kittykittykitty KITTY!

Miss Muffin, to us: This is a joke, right?

to Moxie: Goddamn motherfucking HELL NO! You did NOT just stick your nose up my ass! NO ONE sniffs Miss Muffin's ass. NO ONE! (hissing, spitting, rapid-fire batting of doggie nose)

Moxie, disappointed: Kitty no like me? Me like Kitty! Me play with Kitties in shelter! Me live in kitty wing of shelter, Me like kitties so much! Me no hurt kitties, Me LOVE kitties! SO MUCH! C'mere, kitty! Me want to LOVE you!

Miss Muffin, to us: I'm out of here. I'll be back when whoever was moronic enough to actually own a dog comes back to pick Dumb-and-Dirty up.

Moxie: Me lives here now! With you and Girlies and Pack Leaders! Me so happy! Me show you by giving you BIG KISS!

Miss Muffin, on way out the door: Oh, HELL no.

Moxie: Bye, Kitty! Me see you later!
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