Twenty Years Ago, in a High School Not Far Away...

1984 State Championship! I was there! Can you see me in the stands?

So I went to my 20 year reunion last night. Those of you hoping for a catty send-up of all my former classmates may be disappointed, because I had a really good time. Everyone I talked to was a complete sweetheart. Of course, I only talked to people I talked to in high school, so...

They were, and are, the brainy people. In fact, through talking to one of my former classmates, I now have a new job description for myself.

"I'm at Berkely developing A.I. (Artificial Intelligence). What are you doing now?" he asked.

"I'm developing Organic Intelligence," I answered. With a sparkle in his eye, he replied, "Ah! Humans."

Yes, from now on I will be known as a Developer of Organic Intelligence.

Otherwise, the party recap:

  • An hour of open bar (I like to sing "It's Mommy Gin and Tonic Time! to myself in situations like this.)
  • Chicken for dinner
  • Overly loud music presumably from "the 80's," although I never listened to crap like that. At least not on purpose.
  • One of the "popular girls" trying to make announcements over the sound of the very loud room (I still have no clue what she was trying to say), making me think of this.

Speaking of the "popular girls," it was interesting the gamut of emotions I felt upon seeing them. First, the disgust and contempt I felt for them washed over me, which is interesting because I hadn't gone into this reunion with bad feelings toward anyone. Then, my adult brain kicked in and I felt a good deal of sympathy for them. Not empathy, mind you, but something more akin to pity.

One of my friends told me that at the 10-year-reunion, one of these girls had come up to her -- someone who had teased and tortured her in the past -- and after complimenting her on how great she (my friend) looked, confided, "But look at me. I'm fat, married and miserable."

I don't want anyone to be miserable. Reaching your high point in high school isn't good at all.

On a happier note, as I said earlier, reconnecting with my fellow alumnae was by and large delightful, and I'm proud to have gone to school with such a genuinely kind and accomplished group of people.

And a lot of them were very funny, too. Which I always appreciate. I'm looking at you, Twin Brother!
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