How Could I NOT Go Crazy in 21st Century America?

Toss aside for a moment the utter insanity of America's political realities, the teeth-gnashing economic climate, or anything else that requires thought and analysis, and let's turn to some mundane realities.

How fucking insane is it that in 2008 some people think you need an organized wardrobe for running errands? You need to develop a "personal style concept" to go grocery shopping? Really?

I have been thoughtlessly leaving the house in jeans, t-shirts and flip flops. Criteria for being chosen include: clean, found in drawer (or laundry basket on a bad day or week), and ... actually, those are the only criteria.

Now I learn I have been making a crucial error that could cost me my standing in the community. If I had any standing in the community. Maybe this is why I DON'T?

As someone who's brain is prone to over-analyzing everything, suggesting that I need to carefully consider this minutia of daily existence is paramount to trying to cause my head to explode. That means the fashion industry is trying to kill me. I'm afraid killing them is simply self-defense at this point.

Who are these women, and how do I kill them? Do I need something special, like a wooden stake or a silver bullet, or will a simple bludgeoning do?
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