I'm sorry, Canada
I shouldn't pick on Canada for foisting those three satanic songstresses on the world, when America has produced some of the worst musical abominations ever known to mankind. With that in mind, I'd like to start a debate. Who has wreaked more musical havoc, Hall and Oates or Lionel Ritchie?

Also in defense of Canda, Dash Bradley comes from Winnipeg. The two-year-old Ubergirl loves Dash Bradley. Actually, she can't read. She just loves the frog. "Froggy!" she cries, delightedly, when she sees him. She has a pair of pajamas with a frog on them that she refused to take off. When I try to put a different pair on her she stubbornly refuses. "No!" she says, pouting. "Dese. With Froggy." This lasted up until last night when I managed to get the pink bunny pajamas on her. She touched the little white bunny on the front, stroked it lightly, then said hesitantly, "Bunny." Then, brightly, with a smile, "Bunny!" Thus ends the reign of Dash Bradley in my little one's heart.

Of course, there's really no telling which blog she prefers. She did kiss B.A. on the cheek.
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