My Family's Insane.
We celebrate everything. Witness my sister arriving today to eat paczkis with us:

She's dressed for Mardi Gras. She threw beads and coins at my daughters, and gave them masks:

So far this year alone, we have gathered together to celebrate New Years Day, a football playoff, two birthdays, Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day. If my dad didn't go to get re-biopsied today to make sure his colon cancer didn't return (it didn't. Yay! Maybe we should celebrate?), we'd be making gumbo, jambalaya, etouffee, po'boy sandwiches and drinking hurricanes tonight.

Also coming up in the month of March: six birthdays and St. Patrick's Day, which we celebrate at Gaelic Park every year. Then on March 19, we will celebrate St. Joseph's Day with a meatball and spaghetti sauce cook off, judged by Reverend Jack. Then Easter comes in April. Plus more birthdays, anniversaries, and more.

I guess it's better than living in a dour, lifeless family who doesn't own Clancy Brothers music or an album with the "Fanny Shake Polka", or know how to say "Happy New Year" in Chinese (Gung Hay Fat Choy!) or Merry Christmas in Thai (I had it written down, but I lost it.) It may be dizzying, but it's never boring.
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