You Say You Want a Revolution...

I don't know about people in the rest of the world, but we here in the U.S. continually hear that everyone's "too busy" to eat dinner together. "Aim for once a month!" the media chirps at us.

Who says we're too busy to engage in a ritual that not only humans, but also animals who form social groups, have engaged in since the dawn of time? This is getting ridiculous.

My family will sit together for dinner every evening. Period. I'm taking a stand. I am openly rebelling against the anti-family-dinner forces of evil!

The conspiracy theorist in me makes me think the Soft Machine is trying to shift loyalties from family and human tradition to "organized" activities. This reminds me of the Hitler Youth program.

The pragmatist in me says, "I'm not running around getting stressed out and reheating dinners at all times of the day and night. Screw that!"

Since the sane part of my brain and the crazy part agree, this must be correct. What good are "achievements" on the field, on stage, or academically if you have nobody to share them with? Relationships must be tended and nurtured, and there is no place better to do it than the dinner table.

Especially if I'm cooking. I'm an excellent cook, if I do say so myself.
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