Let's All Start Fresh!

It's time for a karma cleanse. Have you done something you're not proud of? Let it go. Feel stupid about a mistake you made? Let it go. Somebody piss you off? Well, don't let them do it again, but let it go.

Letting go does not mean we should repeat the same mistakes, nor does it make whatever we or someone else did "okay." But it does release us from our self-made prisons, and lets us move forward. In a good direction. A direction that might not be easy or painless, but one that lets us hold our heads high and sleep well at night.

Let's do it. Let's chalk the past up to experience and concentrate on trying our best today. We've all been idiots at times, hurt people at times, said stupid things, done shameful things. All of us. In fact, some of the best people around aren't wonderful because they were born that way, but because they made so many mistakes they couldn't help but learn from them.

Scrubba-scrubba-scrubba! All clean! Start again!

And Johnny Pipewrench, feel free to either mock my goody-goody post or replace the whole clean theme with some plumbing metaphor, like removing hair clogs or something. Or raw sewage drainage systems.
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