This Settles It. Karma Cleansing Doesn't Work.

I wrote my Bad Music Thursday about David Soul in October. I received hate mail from deranged David Soul fans for months, but they eventually stopped.

Until today. I received another, from a Ms. Patty Baker, today.

I tried being nice, and thinking happy thoughts, and only saying positive things. It didn't work for shit.

So, the poll and I agree: no more Mrs. Nice Guy.

Expect the old, cantankerous, rude, disrespectful Ubie back on Monday.

By the way, it's not David Soul's birthday today. That date would be August 28, 1943. I just really liked the collage. I also liked the fact that a grown woman (or man?) somewhere is still putting together birthday collages for David Soul. She sure as hell didn't give up on him, baby!
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