Things I Hate that Other People Like
We all have things we irrationally hate. I will compile at least a partial list of things that I don't like, that other people seem to enjoy. Don't take offense if you disagree with my choices; I can't defend my dislike of these things. They are what they are.

In no particular order, I hate the following things:

Will & Grace
The English Patient
Maya Angelou
Debbie Travis
Dean Koontz
Sex in the City
Louis Vitton purses
Sweet potatoes
Hair metal
Ron Jeremy
Dane Cook
The entire SNL Cast
The entire Mad TV cast
Country music
Biscuits and gravy
Queen (music)
Sam Kinison
Southwestern Décor
Thomas Kinkade
Precious Moments
Miniature poodles
Earl Grey tea
Jimmy Buffet
Brazilian waxing
CSI: Miami
David Caruso

If I think of more, I'll let you know.
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