It's my old pal George Michael. Have I mentioned I'm very anti-sex-in-public-bathrooms? Because I am. It's very unsanitary. And rude. And an improper use of space. Aren't there zoning laws or something? Anyways, this song sucketh mightily:

In general, I hate Christmas songs that moan incessantly about the private love life of the singer on Christmas. What the fuck do I care? We're not celebrating your feelings. Frankly, you're not that interesting.

And this song takes it further by featuring George Michael's high-pitched still-in-the-closet Wham voice to boot. Hooray! Everyone knows if George Michael were to give a body part to someone, it wouldn't be his heart; it would be this:

They bleeped the word "dick" on Saturday; I assumed they said "Cock in a Box." That would've been funnier. Oh, well.

Merry Christmas everybody!
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