Hillbilly Tapas: The Social Event of the Season
Sweet, sweet Hillbilly Tapas. Would the holidays be complete without it?

While my cuppe
d balls with prison dip recipe did not win the coveted "Best Of" prize, I still managed to enjoy myself immensely.

Here I am, with Fat Drunken Cupid. He's dropping his pants. Surprise! He never does that!

y, the surprise is he kept his underwear on.

Do you like my holiday ensemble? White fishnets and red fuzzy slippers completed my look.

What's that hanging from Fat Drunk's mouth, do you ask? Why, it's a clove cigarette! To make him yet more attractive to women, Fat Drunk smokes smelly cigarettes. Hands off, ladies! He's got a steady date. We'll let you know when she wises up, which should be any day now.

Here I am making my singing debut, with Dilf at my side. The woman next to me used to work with Dilf three jobs ago. I don't remember her name; I'm bad with them under the best of circumstances.

I do remember the John Deere hat, though.
Reverand Jack has quite the collection.

Finally, a picture of Dilf falling off the wagon.

Don't tell my mother.

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