Don't Wear Wednesday: Stupid St. Patrick's Day T-shirts
It's that time of year again. The tired old clichés come out: "Kiss Me I'm Irish" and its endless stream of derivatives ([BLANK] me ...); "Irish Drinking Team" or "I'm so drunk I'm Irish" or whatever adolescent euphamism you can think of; "[BLANK] Me Lucky Charms" or "... Me Shamrock" or "...Me Blarney Stone." They all appear on bright green cotton T-shirts and they're all so tiresome. So ugly. So useless. So... unclever, unfunny, unoriginal.

Sometimes a new one rears its ugly head.


Now, I was tempted to feature this splendid item today, in light of the whole "drunken Irish" stereotype. However, when I read the words "hot chocolate," it gave me pause. That is EXCELLENT for football games.
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