Free Speech Battles in My Own Back Yard
I've not yet posted about this story because I was waiting to see how it panned out; besides, the wild-eyed radicals of DuPage County seemed to have matters firmly in hand:

Don't they look like left-wing crazies so far removed from the mainstream that they couldn't possibly represent a well-reasoned viewpoint? Anyways.

Because Jeff Zurawski is from Downers Grove, this story showed up in my local paper immediately after it happened. The facts reported at the time were this: Mr. Zurawski and his friend Sarah Hartifield hung the "Impeach Bush and Cheney -- Liars" banner from a pedestrian bridge overpass over a highway, along with an upside-down American flag meant to symbolize our country in distress.

An Illinois State Trooper approached them on a bridge, told them he realized that they had a perfect right to free speech, but asked them if they could take down their protest signs despite that fact because it was causing a traffic distraction.

The two protesters complied with this polite request. As they were putting their things away, DuPage County sheriffs angrily descended upon them, and the rest you can read for yourself.

I thought the furor was going to die down when the ridiculous charges made against them by the District Attorney WEEKS AFTER the initial arrest were knocked down, but it's not. Amazingly, at least to anyone outside of DuPage County and unfamiliar with Joe Birkett's work, the county is going forward with their charges.
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