Oooooh.... SCARY!!! Something Does Send Chills Up My Spine
I saw the scariest thing ever last night on my television screen.

It wasn't a horror movie, although the Chucky movies now have a bit more power to scare me than they did before.

It wasn't George Bush or Fox News, although those would be two good guesses.

No, it was the 60 Minutes interview with this guy.


I'm a little late to the party to bash this guy; many Christians from a variety of denominations have taken him to task. And it makes sense that they would, because he is the Antichrist. Oh, did you think the Antichrist would show up in a cloud of sulfurous smoke, wearing that red satin devil outfit that John Lovitz used to wear on Saturday Night Live? Hell, no. He'd never sway Christians that way.

Instead, he plays to their earthly weaknesses. My favorite part of that ABC News story? He autographs Bibles. Like he wrote it or something.

He's not the only one, either. There's a whole hugely popular, exponentially-growing psuedo-Christian cult out there called "Prosperity Theology" or "Prosperity Gospel." They fill the mega churches with their feel-good yet spiritually-empty gimme-gimme message, without bothering with any themes of self-sacrifice or personal responsibility. Who needs "love your enemies" when playing Halo feels so much better?

I will leave you with a picture of the sports arena Osteen converted into a ... church?

Just in case Osteen left any doubt as to what he actually worships, he took away crosses or any other religious imagery and stuck a big planet earth up as a focus instead.

Also, he looks creepy, like someone stretched some flesh-like canvas over a skeletal frame. Maybe he's an automaton?
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