Dear John Adams:

I have been watching this on HBO lately, because I love history like Tits and White Boy Bob love science. And after watching three of the seven episodes, I would like to say this to John Adams, Abigail Adams, George Washington and anyone and everyone who suffered and sacrificed to obtain independence from foreign powers and endeavored to create as fair and free a new nation as possible:

I am sorry.

I am sorry that we have become complacent over the course of 230-odd years since the revolution, the same way you became complacent after nearly 200 years of British settlement in the New World. Only we have your example to help us see and understand, and you and your contemporaries did not. So, when your friends said, "Our government wouldn't do something like that to us!" it was a remote possibility; we should know better.

I am sorry I meekly remove my shoes at the airport. I am sorry I continue to buy gas and pay taxes while oil companies continue to reap huge profits while receiving tax breaks and government handouts. I am sorry that people hold mani/pedi's more dear than freedom.

I am sorry that people can watch Dick Cheney snarl, "So?" in response to public opinion without us erupting into protests. I am sorry that our people are dying on foreign soil for a war based on a lie. I am sorry that a permanent underclass exists. I am sorry that liars and cheats and scoundrels are not only free from prosecution, but bailed out by our burdened taxpayers.

I am sorry our nation is on the decline and we have sold it out to foreign interests like the Chinese and various Arab and European nations, after you tried so very hard to prevent that from happening.

Also, I'm sorry that Benjamin Franklin was such an asshole, yet somehow his fat face got plunked on the $100 bill and you got diddly squat.
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