So Anyways...
Last night my sisters and nephew and I engaged in the tradition of church-hopping on Maundy Thursday.

(We also celebrated the institution of the Eucharist, which took place during a Seder. Tell me again why Christians and Jews don't get along again? We've got a lot in common. Namely Jesus. As I was saying...)

We got on one of three buses filled with Bolingbrook's elderly and Phillipino populations, and set off on our adventure. (Did you know I used to be a news reporter on Bolingbrook Community Television in the early 1990's? Well, I did. I used to cover the Village Board Meetings. This one time, a guy was really mad about the weeds in his property's easement, and he brought a huge smelly bug-infested haystack of them to the meeting and threw it at the mayor and the village trustees. And this other time... oh, wait, where was I...)

Yeah, we went to a bunch of neighboring churches, and some of them were pretty wacky. Especially the one in Naperville who put what I thought was a Belgian waffle but what NDP (Not Double Post) thought was a pita and what Double Post thought was a carnival elephant ear under a glass dome with a bunch of grapes. We're not quite sure what that was all about.

The mood was supposed to be somber, but on the way back we didn't quite carry that out. The Phillipino ladies kept shouting out, "Where's our cheese to go with the bread?" and "Let's stop for pizza and Diet Coke!" while DP, NDP and I discussed Charlton Heston's "Ten Commandments" movie, acting out our favorite overwrought scenes with delight.

Then NDP announced, "The only thing missing from 'The Ten Commandments' is Kirk Douglas in a loin cloth," at which point DP started impersonating Mr. Douglas with hilarious results.

I got home about midnight.
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