This Week in Coupons: Übermilf says, "Don't Buy It!"
It's advice/suggestion/warning week here on Übermilf, so I'm bringing you the traditional Monday "This Week in Coupons" with some sound financial advice:
Do not buy this.

An advertisement for this overpriced item appeared in my coupon section this week, and several warning bells went off in my head upon spying it:

  • $24.50? For a shotglass???
  • Imported? From where, China?
  • Wooden casks, specifically oak, give whiskeys their flavor; the shape has nothing to do with it. Stainless steel cannot impart anything good to the whiskey
  • I'm sure you can find cheaper Jack Daniels shotglasses elsewhere; look, you can!

So take my advice and save your hard-earned (or brazenly stolen, as the case may be) money.

Tomorrow: Vagina Devaluation and How to Stop It
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