Who is Fruh?

I was going to write about something else today, but I forget what it was. Instead, I will tell you about the mysterious Fruh CTK and Darth Roker keep talking about.

<--------(incidentally, that's the picture that shows up first when you Google "Jack Fruh." Unless you don't filter out the filthiest images, in which case I don't know what you'll see.)

I can't tell you much about the man he is now, because I didn't keep in touch with him and he didn't show up to the reunion. However, I was acquainted with the adolescent Fruh, as he was a friend of mine.

I liked the Fruh. He was personable and talkative, and amusing even when he didn't intend to be. But CTK and Roker are smirking, I think, about his lack of tact and how it impacted me one autumn day in 1980-something.

As I said, I was friends with the Fruh, talked often with him both inside and out of school and on the telephone, and happened to have a study hall with him one year. That was the year he wanted access to my locker partner, my best friend from junior high with whom I had been drifting apart from since I was a "brain" and she was a "popular slut." He wanted to ask said strumpet to the Homecoming dance, and enlisted my help.

Now, I was fond of the Fruh, as I said. He wasn't bad looking (though not part of the "in" crowd, nor what they would deem "cute"), he was fun to talk too, but I knew his invitation would be met with haughty disdain or worse. I told him she was already going to the dance with somebody else. I didn't know if this was true or not, but I didn't want him to face humiliating rejection.

The Fruh bounced back from this disappointing news admirably. "Well, what about you?" he asked me. "You wouldn't be bad to go to the dance with. You have nice manners."

I have never felt sexier in my entire life.

But the Fruh and I apparently held similar feelings toward one another; warm, friendly regard, with zero physical attraction. Not repulsion, certainly, just no ... hormonal urges. So I was neither hurt nor offended. I just hope he grew out of his tendency toward unfiltered honesty.

I'm sure CTK and Roker have much more exciting Fruh stories to tell. I just remember this one vividly.
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