If We're Going to Survive...

Since the powers that be are manipulating a food shortage, we peasants had better stop our bitter infighting and find common ground before it's too late.

I'm as guilty if not more so than anyone, because as Anton Ego states in Ratatouille, "We thrive on negative criticism, which is fun to write and to read." But I suggest we find another national sport.

I, and most of my readers, have either a liberal bent or simply hate George Bush's policies. We reject the dogma put forth by Fox News, and view those who embrace BushCo and Fox News as adversaries. While I cannot or will not at this time aim for empathy toward the people who run the right wing show, I beg you to consider developing empathy, understanding and compassion for those who choose to swallow their bullshit.

Is it so wrong to want to believe in good versus evil? To desire to either be Superman, or cheer Superman on? A simple life, where black is black and white is white, feels good and is much less of a struggle, feels more natural and right.

A lot of people want that. They want a clear good, and a clear evil. That's what Fox News provides, just like every propagandist from communist to fascist has done throughout the ages. Do we blame the people who yearn for a defeat of evil by the forces of good, and as a result are mislead by the power hungry for their own purposes? Don't we all do this to some extent or another?

Before you think, "That's right; I should have sympathy for those poor, stupid, deluded right-wingers. Perhaps I can show them the light with my superior intellect," think again.

How many of you view religion and religious people as an intrinsic evil, bent on destroying science and all the scientific gains that have been made throughout the centuries? Oh, but YOU have good reason to believe that, I suppose. YOUR reasons are clear and well-documented.

That's what Fox News watchers believe about THEIR views.

What is your gut reaction to the terms "free market" or "family values?" Exactly what organ should YOU be thinking with?

We're sounding like petulant children, making arguments that start with, "Yeah, but what about the time YOU did..."

I truly feel that if we started looking for common ground, instead of looking for reasons to feel wronged or righteous, we could start changing the world. Until we do, we will all continue to be manipulated by people who know exactly how to pull our emotional strings.
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