Election has overloaded circuits.

I might not have anything to say between now and Wednesday.

Right now, I want to say I know John (and Cindy) McCain has/have redeeming qualities because they adopted that girl from Sri Lanka. That shows a level of compassion for a fellow human being that earns at least some respect from me. It doesn't cancel out the many areas in which I disagree with him, it won't make me vote for him, but it keeps me from demonizing him. I think he's made some bad decisions, has trusted the wrong people, and has been affected by a certain level of privilege. Still, that one child makes him human to me.

On the other hand, this makes me proud to be voting for Obama (thanks, Tits McGee). I know a campaign worker probably wrote that letter for him, but it still shows a level of commitment to even the smallest members of our nation that fills me with, well, hope.

Everybody counts. Not just the rich and powerful. That's what I'm hoping to see from Obama. And I have reason to believe Obama might just show us that from time to time.
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