I Know Lots of Clever People. Why Can't the Major TV Networks Find Any?

I still watch Lost every week, even though it's ridiculous sometimes as the writers try to get the story back under control, and they make me wait more than a year for new episodes.

Every week since the series returned with new episodes in January, 2009, I have been subjected to promotional ads for an upcoming new ABC show called "The Unusuals." (Reading the web page for that show just further enraged me.)

Every week, I see the same tired scenes, ending with the same stupid shot of a guy in a hot dog suit asking for his one phone call, to which the (supposedly) clever (and tough. They're always "tough," right?) female police officer replies, "Who you gonna call, the Hamburglar?"

Hoo hoo, with witty banter like that, I can't WAIT to see that show. I think it really appeals to that aged 18-35 demographic that so enjoys comic references to their cultural touchstones. They are really in touch with the youth of today. I hope they mention YouTube, too, to show how hip and current they are.

And the fact the show the SAME SCENE every WEEK tells me that that's the BEST they've got.

In other news, "According to Jim" is still on the air.
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