I'm Venting My Spleen. Is That Where It Comes From? My Spleen?

What drives me crazy about the Birther movement is it's not about a debatable concept or idea or philosophy; it's debating a fact. A fact that has been proven over and over and over again. That suggests to me that no matter what proof is presented, if God himself came down with a stone tablet that read, "United States President Barack Obama was born in Hawaii," they would say, "Even God is in on the conspiracy!"

It reminds me of the time my dad was having an argument with someone, pulled an encyclopedia off the shelf to prove his point, and the person merely said, "THEY'VE even gotten to the encyclopedia people!" Who are "they?" Doesn't matter. Anyone who interferes with the fantasy.

I get bent out of shape about things like this, even though I shouldn't. I don't get bent out of shape when someone disagrees with me, but when something's a FACT, there should be no area of disagreement. And yet...

Some people claim that I am not a Christian. I am a Catholic. Even though there is a big crucifix hanging from the ceiling; even though every day and several times on Sunday, a priest or deacon reads the words of Jesus (as preserved in the Bible) to us; even though we can trace our roots through history to the earliest disciples -- we aren't "Christian."

Now, someone may argue that the message got corrupted along the way in history. They might point out reasons why they think the METHOD of worship is incorrect. I understand.

BUT WE'RE STILL CHRISTIANS. However imperfect you may feel we are, we are still TRYING to follow JESUS. Not some other dude. Not some pantheon of other gods. That is a FACT. Whether or not we're doing it correctly is open to debate. But you can't reject us and treat as as enemies unless you declare us outsiders, now, can you? We have to be "non-Christian" in order for you to reject us and still feel that delicious sense of smug self-satisfaction. And considering that Jesus told you that treating ANYONE as an outsider or an enemy is wrong... well, who's not Christian now?

I am also angry at Cuntzilla today.

Dear Cuntzilla,

If you are a one-car family, and you need the car for a day but your husband, of course, needs it to drive to work -- THEN YOU GET YOUR FAT ASS OUT OF BED IN THE MORNING, AND YOU DRIVE HIM TO WORK!

You do not have him spend the night at his parent's house so that your college-age nephew can drive him to work, because your father-in-law can't do it in the morning because his colon cancer treatments have caused him to spend the morning in the bathroom. And your mother-in-law can't do it, because... well, there's the public safety to consider.

But the point is, NOBODY else but YOU should have to do it. You lazy, inconsiderate, immature cow. A marriage is supposed to be made up of TWO adults.

Anger vented. Spleen resuming normal size.
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