Man, You Never Would Believe Where Those Keebler Cookies Come From...
I was supposed to have surgery last Thursday. That's why I returned to Chicago. Instead, the Battlestar Galactogram revealed I have more problems. For the extent of those problems, I had to have an MRI. I am now prepared to be one of those clowns they shoot out of a cannon at the circus, having been shoved into a tube and exposed to loud, bone-rattling noises.

Even better, the surgeon won't be back to read the MRI results until tomorrow (I have a magical, mystifying breast, according to medical science. I came back to Texas with no surgery, no answers, and my parents for a week-long stay), so for now I am theorizing that Keebler Elves have taken up residence in my left breast. Hey, can YOU prove me wrong? I thought so.

And the Keebler Elves have been trying to find a new place to live every since this started happening:

Keebler Elf Robbed by Squirrels - Funny video clips are a click away

Case closed. I have elves.
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