You Think That Guy's a Hero? I Think He's Lazy and Uninventive, but if You Like Him...

Dilf and I were watching a TV show last night for the hour or so between when the girlies go to bed and The Daily Show starts. The hero did some heroic things, but part of his "roguish charm" was that he bedded a different nameless barbie-doll looking woman just about every night.

Other people might get into a moral discussion about that, but I'd like to say I don't see what's so "heroic" there -- from a sexual standpoint.

That guy doesn't have to think up or try anything new. A guy in a long-term, committed relationship has to keep it fresh. What does this jerk have to do? Nothing. He doesn't have to learn anything. He doesn't have to be creative or thoughtful. Why is that heroic? Where's the effort? The skill? The inventiveness?

And he just leaves in the morning? He doesn't have to help her figure out the bills, or mow the lawn, or even unload the dishwasher. He is lazy.

And he doesn't have to put his heart on the line, or invest himself in any way. Where's the bravery?

The guy who makes a commitment and sticks to it is the heroic one, not this clod. I want to know why time and time again this type is considered heroic?

This morning, I turned to CNN.com to see what celebrity died today, and instead I read this. You would think after my above diatribe that I'd be waving pompons and yelling, "Go team marriage!"

I understand her sentiments, I do. But whenever people want to control what other people can and cannot do, I think they're barking up the wrong tree. Here's what I propose: instead of opposing something like easy divorce, how about supporting families? Instead of making it harder to divorce, why not make it easier to stay together?

I have some ideas about how to do that, but this post is too long as it is.
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