Are Dirty Hippies Still Dirty Hippies After Taking a Dip in the Lake?

I can't bear to actually discuss the unrest in Iran or our nation's medical system or Jon and Kate's painful divorce (actually, I could bear that; I just don't care.) Instead of these important topics, I'd think you need to know about this, which is near my current house in Austin. Don't click on that link if you don't like/shouldn't view nudity.

Am I the only one who finds it funny that Hippie Hollow is a habitat for the federally-protected Golden-cheeked Warbler?

Now, while I am rather 1950's in my own dress and behavior, I don't really care what other people do with their free time. But something bothers me about that picture. Namely -- what's with the porn poses of some of those people? I didn't think nudists were about that. Or is it just a pretense for a big ol' swingers party?

Regardless, I don't believe I shall be going to Hippie Hollow.

I wonder if the bathers bring some of this with them?
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