Dear Travis County: Why Do You Hate Mashed Potatoes?

While taking a pro-torturing its senior citizens with bolts of electricity stance, Travis County seems to have taken an anti-mashed potato stance.

I cannot find a potato masher anywhere, and I intended to make meatloaf and mashed potatoes for dinner tonight. My family is quite fond of this dinner plan, and I fear they may not recover from their despair.

Now, don't get me wrong, I have alternate plans for those potatoes; I can steam them and bathe then in melted butter, minced garlic and dill. But that's not the point.

Why, Travis County, why? Why do you hate mashed potatoes? As you can see from his photo, you've made Mr. Potato very, very sad.

Speaking of emotional responses, please enjoy this iChat exchange on this mashed potato development:

3:20 PM
Nick: any good food down there? (besides yours, I mean)

Me: the tex-mex and barbecue

Nick: I bet the BBQ is pretty good
mmmm.... ribs

Me: yeah. Only I can't find a potato masher in Target.

Nick: you can make one out of an old refrigerator

Me: I could make one out of your face. Too bad it's not down here.

Nick: your aggression is misplaced
You're mad at Target, not me

Me: If I didn't misdirect my anger at you on a regular basis, I'd be in jail right now

Nick: good point

And don't even ask if I have a hand mixer down here, because the answer is "no."
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