Dear Fellow Consumers: I Fear for the Future of 5/3 Bank
I'm not financial insider, but I suspect that 5/3 Bank may be going under. I base this on the fact they had to call my house at 9 a.m. on a Sunday morning because my $100 credit card payment is 6 days late.

6 days.

I'm sorry; what with all the doctor's appointments and moving and last days of school and all that, it DID slip my mind. I had no idea that being 6 days late would put 5/3 Bank in such financial peril that they were forced to call me on a day that traditionally would be off-limits for such business.

I mean, why else would a bank so fragrantly violate commonly-held standards for such a paltry sum that was not even a full week late? They must be hanging on by a thread. My payment must be what stands between financial solidity and ruin for them. Because if I were a bank, I wouldn't bother someone who had consistently made payments month after month after month on a Sunday over so trivial a matter, and risk alienating them, unless it was an absolute emergency.

So, far be it for me to cause a run on a bank, but you might consider drawing your assets out of a bank so close to going under. Consider this a friendly tip.

As for me, my family and I will be taking action as quickly as possible.
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