June is for Heroes

Nabalabadingdong's June theme is "Heroes." (I'll get around to registering later.) I am taking a principled stand against using any lyrics from "Wind Beneath My Wings" while discussing this topic. Unless I find a hilarious cover version, which I may find myself unable to resist.

I am wary of thinking of or declaring anyone a "hero," because once you do, someone will come out of the woodwork to announce, "Oh, no he/she ISN'T! He/she stole my lunch money/didn't return a library book/killed someone in the Phillipines!"

So rather than pinpoint any one person today, I would like to salute a group of people today: comedians.

I recently watched Dawn French's Boys Who Do Comedy and Girls Who Do Comedy. Through this interview series, she does much more than simply showcase their talents; she delves into what inspires them, what affects them, a little about their personal lives, and their failures and weaknesses.

One thing that struck me is that none of these individuals has lived a pain-free, struggle-free life. In fact, more often than not, the ability to keenly feel tragedy and empathy has led them to adopt a comedic stance just as a coping mechanism for the suffering and injustice they see swirling around them. It's the "you laugh so you don't cry" kind of thing. And while the burlier underdogs of life might channel their feelings in a physical manner, like boxing or "Ultimate Fighting" or roller derby or something, these people use their brains to pummel "the man."

But comedians do more than simply soothe themselves, they help the rest of us, too. They help us see things in a new way. They give us "the best medicine." And the stand-up kinds go out there, completely vulnerable and alone, onto a stage to be either accepted or rejected. That takes bravery.

Thank you, comedians. You're my heroes.
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