Memorial Day: A Holiday for Zombies?

Let's all move on from yesterday's post. Really, Dilf doesn't need to hear how great he is, people. He's impossible to live with as it is.

Anyway, the following exchange on Twitter (you are all familiar with Twitter, right? Oprah commands it!) made me think:

the_ubermilf I forget: are we supposed to be remembering our dead, or grilling this weekend? Because I mostly hear about the grilling.

anthony_pdotcom@the_ubermilf I bet your dead would be grilling if they were around to be able to.

Anthony is absolutely right. What sort of dead people would be willing and able to grill and/or have an early summer/late spring outdoor get-together?


Zombies are totally about dining al fresco. The streets are nothing but one big picnic to them. I really hadn't considered just how much zombies enjoy grilling and eating outdoors, until I looked into the subject and found this.

I can only conclude that Memorial Day is a holiday for zombies. Please celebrate accordingly.
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