I Need to Purge.
I was going to try and take a break but spilling my guts here helps ease the tension.

Please excuse the vagary of the medical details. Not everyone wants to hear them.

I have to meet with a surgeon on Wednesday because I need something (tiny and inconsequential) removed, and some other calcifications removed and biopsied. I am feeling tremendous stress due to upcoming moves and impending renters and all sorts of things, added to the medical stuff and caring for an infant who shows up at my house three days a week and my regular two kids and life in general, like paying bills and feeding people and all that sort of thing.

This is not what I'm here to complain about.

I have had one sad-sack, overly-dependent neighbor who usually bothers Dilf not me. Although he has been known to talk to me for hours about his ex-wife who left him for another woman and who offered to have a threesome with him and how come she can get a girlfriend and he can't and all sorts of personal details I really don't need to know.

Now I have two.

The second one is a partially-deaf woman who has spoken to me only a few times, but has already told me how her boyfriend left her years ago for another woman he met on the internet and her last two kids are his but the other four were from her previous husband who died and she doesn't want to be in another relationship except what's the deal with Sad Sack #1 and what can you tell me about him? And she's in Section Eight housing but she doesn't go to the food pantry very often because she knows there are people who need it more than she does but BOY DO THOSE MEXICANS LOAD UP THERE and she wonders what she does when she doesn't get child support anymore.

(this is after the daughter of deaf woman told me about her brother trying to set off the smoke alarm with his incense sticks and how her sister dresses up like a man so she can date other women.)

This stuff is none of my business. I don't want it to be any of my business. It doesn't come up in the course of a normal conversation. It is purposefully left at my feet and I have no idea why, or what they expect me to do with it.

These uninvited visits and dumping of personal baggage is starting to get to me. Don't these people know that's what a blog is for?

But this showing up at my house business is adding stress to a woman already on the edge, and my health seriously can't take it. My stomach is in knots. The problem is, the deaf woman can't hear me when I say, "I really have to go..." she keeps right on talking.

I need a bouncer.
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